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Volunteer Information

 Parent Volunteers are what make the Gators a successful team.  Throughout the season, parents are given opportunities to volunteer for a variety of positions.  No experience is required to volunteer and it’s a great way to meet the other parents. 

To read the volunteer policy click HERE

Regular Meet Volunteering:  Volunteering for the regular season swim meets includes Wednesday night GCSL and  Saturday morning COSA meets.  Dive meet volunteering is only for Wednesday night GCSL meets. To meet the family volunteer commitment, a combination of either day's meets will work.  The commitment is based on the number of meets not the number of family members per meet. 

Championship Meet Volunteering:  Volunteering for championships is separate and in addition to the regular season volunteering commitment.  The GCSL assigns PTAC an area of responsibility for the 3 sessions of swim champs (Senior Prelims, Junior Prelims, Finals) and the two days of dive champs.  Request for volunteering are sent to only to those families that have swimmers or divers in championships.  In addition to the GCSL assignments, each session of swim champs needs PTAC tent volunteers to make sure our swimmers get to the blocks or bullpen for their events and a meet check-in volunteer.

Home Meet Concession Stand 

At each Gator home swim meet there will be a Gator concession stand which will be located under the first umbrella.  Parents may volunteer to bring something for the concession stand. Sign up sheets will be available.  Parents are also needed to work at the concession stand during meets. 

Volunteering at Meets 

GCSL Volunteer Coordinator - Coordinates parent volunteers for each Wednesday night swim meet and swim Championships using HotSpot. Responsible for sending emails to team parents if all positions are not filled. Will check-in volunteers at each meet and find substitutes if a volunteer cannot fulfill their meet obligation

COSA Volunteer Coordinator - coordinates parent volunteers for each Saturday morning swim meet using HotSpot. Responsible for sending emails to team parents if all positions are not filled. Will check-in volunteers at each meet and find substitutes if a volunteer cannot fulfill their meet obligation.

Concessions Coordiantor - coordinates food donations for the Gator Concession stand during home meets using HotSpot. Responsible for sending emails to team parents if all food donation spots are not filled. Oversees the setup and take down of the stand and check-in of food donations

Concession Volunteers -  parents are needed to work the Gator Concession stand during home GCSL meets (Wed. evenings).

Banquet Coordinator - Coordinates the end of year banquet. Leads a committee of volunteers. Determines menu, food donations, and works with Head Coach on swimming awards that need to be ordered for the swimmers.

Banquet Committee - Parents are needed to help the Banquet Coordinator set up the end of year team banquet.

Age Group Bullpen Parents - parents are needed oversee 10 and under swimmers in age group bullpens (swimmer waiting area) and to walk them to lanes for their events. The age groups are: 6 & under girls, 6 & under boys, 8 & under girls, 8 & under boys, 10 & under girls, and 10 & under boys. Two to three parents are needed for each level of swimmer.

Head Timer - PTAC will have stop watches available for the timers to use during both home and away meets. Head Timer is responsible for distributing stop watches to timers before and collecting them after each meet. Also responsible for the meet stopwatch which is used to time every event with time being used if a lane timer’s stopwatch fails.

Timers - three timers are needed for each swim lane. PTAC provides 2 timers for each home meet and
1 timer at each away meet. Timers will record the swimmers time.

Runners - two runners are needed for each home meet to gather the event time slips from the timers after each event. The slips are given to the scorer’s table for processing.

Computer Personnel - parents are needed to enter event times into the meet manager computer program. Volunteers will be trained on how to run the meet computer.

Ribbons - prepares the ribbons won by swimmers at the meet.

Announcer/Starter - announces and starts each event.

Stroke & Finishing Judges - Stroke Judges watch the swimmers to ensure that they properly execute their strokes including touches, turns, and finishes. Finish Judges note the visual order of the swimmers' finishes. Finish judge information is used in case of a timer discrepancy.

PTAC Board of Directors - Serves as the board for the swim team.  Make decisions regarding the operation of the PTAC Gators.  Represents PTAC at the GCSL meetings.

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